What is beefathome?

this BOINC project is an alpha/beta testing environment, for computing whatever we all feel like computing
feel free to suggest distributed computing project ideas!
we may also end up doing some minecraft seedfinding stuff that's too small to go on the official minecraft@home BOINC
NOTE: if we add any future projects i'll be sure to add a project selector so you can choose which ones you want to do. anything other than basic compute (such as network, or sensors, etc. or something if we do that) will be OPT-IN and there'll be announcements here and in the boinc client notices board when we add new projects

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Thanks to everyone!
I've been meaning to thank everyone for their contributions so far. I was blown away by how many people showed up, and so was the server, apparently. It's upgraded now and we're planning on doing more interesting programs in the future.

Oh, also, we've got a discord! https://discord.gg/pPEYEWrzJz
15 Apr 2021, 20:34:08 UTC · Discuss

Project rework complete
i've just finished doing a pretty big refactor of the website and the project. it should look all nice and pretty now. the project should also work properly, which is pretty important. we're still doing prines right now, but with much longer workunits (the smaller workunits were cramming the DB full of stuff).

New URL: https://www.nodium.net/beefathome
15 Apr 2021, 17:13:56 UTC · Discuss

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